ju 1st Top Gear - Testimonials

Lana Atkins

I passed first time thanks to Isobel and i didn't thonk i would be able to do it but she helped me through all the way! Thankyou so much isobel.



A wonderful Christmas present for Gary - A major casualty of Afghanistan he now has nearly total mobility - his wife is also disabled - think of the freedom it gives both him and his family - it is truly humbling to be given the privilege of helping everyone who has any kind of mobility problem. Gary sends his thanks to Isobel. Our highly trained for the less abled, driving instructor.


Bob Torry

Bob has a current UK licence but needed retraining to use left foot accelerator following an illness. He passed 1st time with Isobel. Congratulations to you Bob from the 1st Top gear driving school team in Portsmouth. Drive safely



Congratulations to Alina for passing first time with our highly trained less abled driving instructor Isobel. She said she is over the moon and sends her best wishes to the team at 1st Top Gear! Drive safe Alina!


Neil Anderson

Congratulations to Neil passing 1st time. For his birthday he bought a Porche ready for when he passed, today is that day! Drive safely Neil!!


Taylor Macfarlane

Congratulations to Taylor passing with us first time. She said *I cannot thank you enough Isobel you have been amazing and so calm. I will really miss our friendship and laughs we had whilst i was learning how to drive. Congratulations Taylor and drive safely from all of us at 1st Top Gear.!


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