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All payments are to be made directly to the instructor at the start of your driving lessons.


We unfortunately do not accept any internet payments or cards. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Students/New Starters

College or Uni Students! If you're a student, we have a discount for you! Start your lessons the cheaper way with 1st Top Gear.

(Daytimes only!)

Daytime Lessons

This is if you would like driving lessons during the day. Please note this is the price for weekdays only. Please see Evenings and weekends for those rates.


Evening & Weekends

Not a fan of daytime learning? Or too busy? Maybe you are interested in learning to drive evenings or weekends, this is the package for you.

Block Booking 10 hours
(Daytimes Only!)

If you want to save money this is for you. For learners who would like to Block Book 10 hours worth of driving lessons.

Automatic Drivers £30 per hour
or 10 hours for only £290!

If you're not getting on driving with a manual gearbox this is for you, or if you only want to drive Automatics.

Mobility/Disability. Click the icon!

Our highly trained instructor for drivers who have disabilities in any way shape or form! Please click the icon above to call us on your phone for more info. Or email us on the contact page!



Once you have seen the package above you're looking for please call us and explain you've seen this price on our website to confirm your booking enquiry.

Click here to visit the contact page if you prefer to email us (Or to see the contact details).


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